At The Chatty Bean you'll find delicious food 🥪, tasty treats, and great coffee ☕️ in a warm and inviting atmosphere. We welcome everyone to enjoy a sandwich, salad, or dessert and leave with a smile 🙃.

Our locations

Relax and stay awhile

With dog-friendly patios, community tables, and an atmosphere of good cheer, you can enjoy a laid-back vibe. No need to make a reservation - just drop in.

2 Tothill St, London SW1H 9LL, United Kingdom
14 Alcester St, Birmingham B12 0PJ, United Kingdom
Silver St, Northampton NN1 1TA, United Kingdom


Speciality coffee

Every cup of our speciality coffee is made from carefully selected, sustainably grown beans sourced from around the world. Expertly roasted to unlock their full flavour, each sip delivers an indulgent combination of rich aromas, bold flavours, and a smooth finish. Order now and experience coffee like never before.
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